Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Passion in the Eye of Feminism

"Woman is the first Environment"  Katsi Cook, Traditional Midwife

          If we are fortunate enough, we get to experience a level of passion for the work we do and have the ability to share it with others.  It would be selfish of me not bring to light those who have worked so feverishly, so that women today could experience a level of "knowing" that has never been experienced before.  For if it wasn't for their passion where would we be today.


          Six Nations Aboriginal Midwives

Lesley Paulette, Midwife

Ursula Knoki Wilson, CNM

           These women here are exemplarily examples of passion at it's best.  They turned there vision into a reality and have made a path for us to make our way.  They have all made it their life's work to educate   and be an example of how to weave a beautiful tapestry of cultural practices and modern medicine.  They continue to do this in a positive way filled with integrity and the beauty of our cultural knowledge. I count myself blessed to have been in the presence of each of these women and to have been counseled in a manor that I feel they are all my grandmothers.  Grandmother, does not mean what you think it means.  These women are my grandmothers because they have walked the path I am on, they are knowledgeable and express a level of "knowing" that they are able to share, and they do it with the grace of our ancestral mothers that is hard to find today.  I can only hope to pass on this level of "knowing" to my daughter and Native American midwives who have their own path to walk.
         While attending a conference in Canada, I had the pleasure to meet women from all different parts of the world.  It was here that I realized "midwife" means different things to us all.  It is in our diversity that makes us strong and to have the ability to view life in a different perspective.  It was so empowering to see and meet more indigenous women like myself who are making strides to bring traditional birth practices back to there communities.  It is when I was able to sit and talk with these women, that I felt so honored to have been able to hear their stories. This is what I learned.....If we are able to see beyond our own pain and hurts, we have the ability to make change.  We are never alone in this.  

United we stand in the face of diversity to make change for the future...

From our your granddaughters, we are listening....

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